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DD Stanislaw

Name: Stanislaw Drzewiecki
Posts: 2869
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 13:39   FAQ

Drzewiecki Design Forum Frequently Asked Questions :

Announcements of new projects - how precise are they?

We are not and will never be responsible for products which are not released yet! Yes, some of them are announced to be released at a certain period of time however these announcements should never be treated as any sort of an agreement between us and end customers. These projects might be released next month or never - they are starting to be "products" only when they are sent to stores. Before, they are just one of hundreds under-construction projects on the market. Obviously we are interested in releasing as much quality products as technically possible so if we are not doing so, it doesn't mean we are mean and we do not want to share them with you. If we do not do something quicker it usually means that we are not able to technically do it faster or at all. If actual release dates are different than those announces earlier, I do not want anyone to treat such things as "delays". These are not trains or planes that you buy tickets to. Again - all expected publishing dates are estimates. Those projects might even never be published as products so asking about more detailed release dates here would not give you an answer you want.

Download problems from stores - how to solve them?

According to our agreements with stores and their regulations, all download-related problems are covered by a store's support, not by a developer. Sometimes stores produce their own installers, divide files into separate parts or do other things with them we are not informed about. It does not really matter to us if everything works fine. So if you have any download-related problems, please contact a store's support instead of writing us, as we will not be able to help you anyway (and obviously we will not provide you a download link from our private server).

A store does not have the latest version of a product - what should I do?

All our resellers are provided with the same, latest versions of our software simulateously. Unfortunately for some of them it takes more time to publish a new product or an update. Sometimes it takes even 1-2 weeks. In case you are sure that a product or its newest version should have been already published at a store, please contact store's support instead of writing us, as we will not be able to help you anyway (and obviously we will not provide you a download link from our private server).

I can't create a new topic - what is the problem?

Even registered members can not create topics on this forum since all the required topics have already been created for you. If you have any product related problem, go to Products section, find a topic about a product you want to discuss about and place your post in it. For other stuff visit General Discussion . This system helps us very much maintaining order here and providing better and clearer support.

I bought a wrong version of a product (for a wrong simulator). Can I get a refund and buy the other one?

Refunds are very rare in case of "digital" products provided as downloads, which is an anti-piracy policy. A pirate can buy a product, upload it somewhere in the Internet and then try to get a refund. Generally it is almost impossible to get a refund however a well-argumented request can lead to receiving a version for another simulator without any costs. But the most important thing is - you should contact the store where you bought that product, not a developer. If a store needs our approval we will grant it, unless a client has been know for a piracy activity before.

How to get rid of OOM issues?

You can't simply compare different areas in FSX and assume they should consume the same VAS. You have to find your most demanding situation (it might be New York for example) and lower your settings till you've found a setup which prevents OOM in every situation. Out Of Memory means that you simple want too much in 32bit environment and its on you if you prefer to:

- limit HD clouds
- limit demanding VFR setup in IFR aircraft (LOD, autogen, water reflections ...)
- lower/brake up with air/water/road traffic
- uncheck unused sceneries for your flight between A and B

In addition please read this tutorial helping you setting-up your flightsim better.
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