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DD Stanislaw

Name: Stanislaw Drzewiecki
Age: 30
Joined: 15 May 2006
Posts: 3511
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 13:39   FAQ

Drzewiecki Design Forum Frequently Asked Questions :

Announcements of new projects - how precise are they?

Some products are announced to be released at a certain period of time however these announcements should never be treated as a declaration. These projects might be released next month or even never. Obviously we are interested in releasing as many quality products as technically possible so if we do not do something quicker it usually means that we are not able to technically do it faster or at all. All expected publishing dates are estimates.

I can't create a new topic - what is the problem?

Even registered members can not create topics on this forum since all the required topics have already been created for you. If you have any product related problem, go to Products section, find a product's-dedicated topic and place your post in it. This system helps us a lot with providing an efficient customer support.

How to get rid of OOM and FPS related issues?

Please read THIS TUTORIAL which helps setting-up your flight sim no matter which platform you actually use.

Why ground airport textures at night appear grey/missing?

You need to turn off the DX10 Preview mode in your FSX / FSX:SE.
DD Stanislaw

Name: Stanislaw Drzewiecki
Age: 30
Joined: 15 May 2006
Posts: 3511
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 03:55   

Dear Customers,
Although we are doing our best to provide you quick and reliable technical support, unfortunately there are cases when we are not able to help you simply because the problem is not in our responsibility. Such issues are usually related to our vendors and our vendors only can provide you customer support.

Our vendors are responsible for:
• Publishing products for sale with correct and clear descriptions and links
• Publishing updates and informing customers about new versions as soon as they are available
• Handling of all payment-related stuff
• Providing downloads and customer accounts
• Handling of all non-standard procedures related to purchases (like refunds or product change)

No matter how much we want to help you with all the issues, it is not possible for us to manage the issues above. Each store is privately owned, each one uses different procedures and each one has different policies and priorities. Additionally product publishing time is different in each store although all vendors receive products (and updates) simultaneously in one e-mail. Taking the above into consideration, we do need to ask you to contact our vendors directly in some cases. Each store has a ticket system, a support forum, an e-mail or at least an FB account. Any way to contact a store is OK to solve your problem. Summarizing:

Please contact our vendors directly in the following cases:
• A certain product is not available
(please note that publishing a product or an update can take up to a month depending on a store)
• Product update is not available (please note that free updates are treated by vendors with the lowest priority)
• Download problems/questions, unopenable files, corrupt installers (due to download)
• Discounts and special update offers
• Bought a wrong version of a product
(f/e X instead of XP)

Please note that writing to us (or on this forum) rather than contacting a store directly makes solving your issue a much longer task. Besides, usually we are simply unable to offer any help regarding the above issues. Sure in "extreme" cases we can contact store managers directly but they are usually very busy people and solving any problems this way simply takes much longer since it can take few days for them to reply. Stores have dedicated customer support services to make things faster and easier for customers and it is highly recommended to use them.

We highly appreciate your cooperation in this matter!
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