Looking for a job?

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Looking for a job?

Post by DD Stanislaw » Thursday 26 Feb 2015, 18:39

We are interested in cooperation with 3D artists, graphic designers, autogen specialists (especially those using advanced automation methods), X-Plane/Prepar3D/Aerofly conversion experts, local photographers (airport workers) etc. If you have some knowledge and experience, don't hesitate to contact us. We do have work possibilities available and a great team to cooperate with.

The person we are looking for must be reliable (no delays), accurate but efficient (I will not wait a whole day for a 5-poly model), creative (can search for solutions in case of technical issues or lack of resources) and easy to reach by email (at least once per day). What we need from the applicants:

A short CV - your basic personal data, your experience - where did you work before and what have you created, your interests and how much time per day can you work
Screenshots showing your previos/current work - especially models of structures including wireframes, but show us whatever you did. Please do not send renders and use "Shaded" viewport configuration, not "Realistic". We want to look at the quality of your textures, not 3ds Max features.

We are looking forward to establish a long term cooperation, especially with full-time developers. Our payments depend on each and every task and on the agreement. We can communicate in English, Polish and Russian. People cooperating with us are residents of Poland, USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Belarus, Croatia, Russia, Australia, Cyprus, India and more. Don't hesitate to contact us at http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/c.htm (e-mail).