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No update available? Download problem? Bought wrong product?
Please READ THIS !

Announcements of new projects - how precise are they?
Some products are announced to be released at a certain period of time however these announcements should never be treated as a declaration. Obviously we are interested in releasing as many quality products as technically possible so if we do not do something quicker it usually means that we are not able to technically do it faster. All expected publishing dates are estimates and may change.

I can't create a new topic - what is the problem?
Even registered members can not create topics on this forum since all the required topics have already been created for you. If you have any product related problem, go to Technical Support section, find a product's-dedicated topic and place your post in it by clicking the "Reply" button.

How to get rid of OOM and FPS related issues?
Please read THIS TUTORIAL which helps setting-up your flight sim.