EPKK Kraków Balice 2012

Latest version: v1.3 (2012)

Archive only - support discontinued
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Post by seam1977 »

Howdy Martin
I had this type of problem before.
1. You have to download update to version 9.1 use link below.
http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download ... px?id=9727
2. I also know from the past this update should be installed after you install fresh copy of FS9.So reinstall is recommended (Remember to Reboot your PC after each install).Then you can install all sceneries once again.
3.Do not install this update when you have installed other scenery , because FS9 will be still freezing or you can get unexpect closing.
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Post by martinlest »

I installed the update immediately after 9.0 had finished installing, before I installed anything else, so I don't understand why the splash screen showed 9.0. If I go to the FS menu bar when the sim is running then Help/ About MSFS, again, it tells me 9.1 is installed. So I guess it is!
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EPKK Update

Post by IanPartridge »


Is it still possible to get the update that was on this link http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/DoScia ... ate1.3.zip

Shows 404 not found error now.


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Re: EPKK Kraków Balice 2012

Post by DD Stanislaw »

The support for this product has been discontinued.

This product is now available as a free product.

Check THIS LINK or our Products page.