Cartayna FILES - Drzewiecki Design GSX Pro MSFS Configurations

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Cartayna FILES - Drzewiecki Design GSX Pro MSFS Configurations

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We have started a close cooperation with Cartayna FILES, known for their GSX configurations, which may be exciting news for some!

They have recently published a product dedicated to Drzewiecki Design MSFS sceneries exclusively:

Cartayna FILES - Drzewiecki Design GSX Pro MSFS Configurations - Simmarket
Cartayna FILES - Drzewiecki Design GSX Pro MSFS Configurations - ORBX

We wanted our customers using GSX Pro to have a plug&play, tested, and maintained solution to be used with the entire "fleet" of our airports, and Cartayna FILES has an enormous experience with those configs, making them since 2018.

This product currently includes 10 airports (3 American incl. KEWR and 7 Polish) but eventually will cover all our airports already published and those to be published by the end of 2024 (about 20 in total). According to the developer, the price of that product won't change and our future airports will be included in the initial price (so this is a one-time purchase). All configs will also be maintained and kept up-to-date in case of any changes at those airports.

Just to be clear - there are free GSX Pro configs available and you can make one by yourself (just like a custom scenery in the Dev Mode of MSFS). What Cartayna FILES does is they go stand by stand, and configure guidance systems (VGDS/Marshallers), pushbacks, vehicle layouts, and passenger walking routes (where applicable), according to real-world data and procedures, testing everything extensively for each and every stand. Frankly, they even suggested several changes in our ground equipment layout and stand naming for the best possible interaction with the GSX Pro.

We recommend checking out that product if you use GSX Pro and want your operations at Drzewiecki Design MSFS airports to be more realistic. More information and customer support via Cartayna FILES Facebook.

Cartayna FILES is a separate company - in case of any issues, please contact Cartayna FILES Support.
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